Wednesday 24th February

Hallé St. Michael's, 19:30-22:00

Pilvi Takala

Real Snow White  (2009)

Michael Beil

Key Jack  (2017)

Thami Majela

SPACTRAL  (2020)

Cory Arcangel

excerpts from 24 Dances for Electric Piano  (2013)


Maximillian Marcoll

Personal Data  (2013, UK premiere)

Lola De La Mata

I'll Show YOU My G-String  (2018)


new work  (2021 - world premiere, a VIRTUALLYREALITY commission)

Marta Śniady

you make me feel so brand new (solo)  (2020 - world premiere, a 



Speaker Music

Live set


Silvia Lucas (piano, Michael Beil, Marta Śniady, Cory Arcangel)

RNCM UnHEARD (Maximillian Marcoll)

Lola De La Mata

Riccardo T (performer, Lola De La Mata) 

Speaker Music / DeForrest Brown Jr.

+ next-day coffee-shop talk



We now turn our gaze towards antagonising these systems whose shadows loom over us. We shall take things to pieces and put them back together, find structural fault-lines to know how to avoid danger, how to blow the system apart. 

We begin with knockoffs, mangled media and consumerism recontextualised. In 2009, Finnish performance artist and filmmaker Pilvi Takala - whilst dressed as Snow White - was banned at the front gates from entering Paris’ Disneyland Park. ‘Real Snow White’ is a documentation of this public antagonisation, where idolising families and Disney disciplinarians absurdly rub shoulders. From duplicate identities to digital reconstructions, Michael Beil’s ‘Key Jack’ sees Manchester pianist Silvia Lucas mime on a plank of wood as cheap piano sounds and projected doppelgängers loop around her. Thami Majela's 'SPACTRAL' sees three dancers - one an amusement park Pepper's Ghost - moving in tandem to ritualistically disassemble a Shakespearean soliloquy. For Silvia Lucas returns to perform excerpts from digital artist Cory Arcangel’s '24 Dances for Electic Piano', exhibiting stock-like piano loops in stark relief to the physical labour of the pianist.


How do these power structures affect our bodies and state of being? In Maximillian Marcoll’s ‘Personal Data’, students from the Royal Northern College of Music's UnHEARD society proclaim their private details in a smokescreen of addresses, PIN numbers and IBANs. Then, suddenly, Lola De La Mata and performance counterpart Riccardo T perform an affronting demonstration of the power of femme agency against the patriarchal gaze with 'I’ll Show YOU My G-String'. We also present a newly commissioned audiovisual work from Jacksonville, Virginia-based N-Prolenta, known for their subtle and coercive dismantlings within capitalist, patriarchal and colonialist structures. A newly commissioned solo version of Marta Śniady's 'you make me feel so brand new' takes aim at the beauty industry and its co-opting of feminine self-care, performed again by Silvia Lucas.

To close, we present a special audiovisual performance from theorist and recent electronic music icon Speaker Music, reclaiming Black Techno from the Whites following an acclaimed LP released on UIQ, 'Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry'.

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