Wednesday 24th February

Hallé St. Michael's, 19:30-22:00

Michael Beil

Key Jack  (2017)


new work  (2021 - a VIRTUALLYREALITY commission)

Cory Arcangel

excerpts from 24 Dances for Electric Piano  (2013)


Maximillian Marcoll

Personal Data  (2013)

Marta Śniady

you make me feel so brand new (solo)  (2020 - a VIRTUALLYREALITY commission)

Lola De La Mata

I'll Show YOU My G-String  (2018)


rkss + Laura Fox

Live A/V set


Silvia Lucas (piano, Michael Beil, Marta Śniady, Cory Arcangel)

RNCM UnHEARD (Maximillian Marcoll)

Lola De La Mata

Riccardo T (performer, Lola De La Mata) 


Laura Fox

+ next-day coffee-shop talk



Taking things to pieces and putting them back together. Finding structural fault-lines to know how to avoid danger, or how to blow the system apart. 


Multidisciplinary pianist Silvia Lucas will mangle digital media and denounce consumerism, exposing the artificiality of these systems of work. Keyboards will be entirely disregarded in Michael Beil’s ‘Key Jack’, where Lucas mimes on a plank of wood as stock piano sounds and projected döppelgangers loop around her. Stock-like dance loops are bashed out of an electric piano during excerpts from one of digital artist Cory Arcangel’s few compositions ‘24 Dances for the Electric Piano’, returning throughout the evening like a corporate virus. A newly commissioned solo version of Marta Śniady’s 'you make me feel so brand new' takes online dating, femenine self-care and the beauty industry as starting points to dissect and dismantle.


In her premier Manchester performance, we welcome Lola De La Mata and performance counterpart Riccardo T to perform 'I’ll Show YOU My G-String', an affronting demonstration of the power of femme agency against the patriarchal gaze. We also present a newly commissioned audiovisual work from Jacksonville, Virginia-based N-Prolenta, known for their subtle and coercive dismantlings of ritual within wider capitalist, patriarchal and colonialist structures.

To close, we welcome electronic music icon rkss and visual artist Laura Fox, showing a new audiovisual performance fresh from development at Somerset House Studios.

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