Sunday 28th February

NIAMOS, all-day (must be booked in advance)

Alexander Schubert

Unity Switch  (2018, UK premiere)






+ presentation from Alexander Schubert



At the culmination of our series, finding ways to reconnect with each other and ourselves in this emergency world is imperative if we are to survive.


Unity Switch is a participative installation by Alexander Schubert which allows the participants to look through the eyes of different people and interact on a virtual level. Through the use of video glasses and cameras, the perception of vision and sound is routed from one person to another. 


The constant switching of perception questions embodiment, body images, virtual distance and digital emotions. It is an exploration space aimed to create a personal experience, the aspects of which cover such contrasting associations as empathy, control, collaboration, isolation, virtuality and perceptual overload. 


While delivering a strong sensory input it is designed as a setting to be explored by the visitor, and created to allow a personal and emotional engagement.

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