Sunday 21st February

The Holden Gallery, 19:30-21:30

Dominic Gagnon

Going South (2018), 107'

+ pre-screening festival introduction from directors Michael Brailey and Callum Coomber.



We open our SS21 series with the apocalypse pre-bloom, the cracks in civilisation dividing and uniting us in disarray. Dominic Gagnon - the "filmmaker without a camera" - constructs a vivid tapestry traversing the disconnected societal bubbles of 21st Century living.


Washed up from YouTube’s limitless media deluge - from footage of excessive partying to documentation of climate disasters, shopping lists to sex tourism, granny gamers to Flat Earthers - 'Going South' celebrates the equal level on which all things exist. From the depths of the sea to the edge of Earth’s gravitational pull, we observe the quantum entangled state in which everything is situated, and how our innate disconnection shines a light on our individual place within the universe.

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