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16.07 -

Symbiosis for


FUJI|||||||||||TA  soramimi  [new work - a VIRTUALLYREALITY commission]

Alice dos Reis  Subcorrente ('Undercurrent')  [with original soundtrack by Odete]

MICHAELBRAILEY + Callum Coomber  You, Copiphora gorgonensis
Annea Lockwood  
Amazonia Dreaming     performed by Darren Gallacher (percussion)

Angela YT Chan in conversation with Struggles For Sovreignty: Land, Water, Farming, Food (SFS)

Humanity must evolve empathetically, return to the soil, frolic in symbiosis with the natural order. In the face of a mass extinction event, how may we recalibrate our relationship with our planet and with other species to survive?


In the newly commissioned video piece 'soramimi', FUJI|||||||||||TA 

celebrates life's work with a series of performative field recordings

accompanied by his body. The sounds of the rainforest -  fauna, weather, Animalia - are channeled through the instrument and voice of percussionist-come-wailer Darren Gallacher in Annea Lockwood’s ‘Amazonia Dreaming’. In the light of the climate catastrophe, could we see this as an elegy to the dying lung of the Earth?




The work of Angela YT Chan as a ‘creative climate change coordinator’ spans curation, research and artworks. Together with Indonesian social-ecological justic platform Struggles for Sovereignty: Land, Water, Farming, Food (SFS) they will both spark discussion on intersectional ecological activism, and share their intentions and projects towards international solidarities with each other.

The two final works complicate our relationship with distant species. MICHAELBRAILEY + Callum Coomber’s interspecies meditative experience ‘You, Copiphora gorgonensis’ focuses on an uncanny inner ear similarity between humans an a particular genus of grasshopper. Let digital light and audio seep into your innermost perception in an attempt to reconfigure your biological framework.


MICHAELBRAILEY + Callum Coomber's 'You, Copiphora Gorgonensis'



still from Alice dos Reis' film 'Undercurrent'

Concurrently, Alice dos Reis’ film ‘Undercurrent’ soundtracked by Odete brings SS21 full-circle. A marine biologist develops a kinship with krill during her research into emerging nano-camera biotechnology, harnessing the herd to map the oceans. Quiet zoomancy, speculative map-making and techno-symbiosis suggest we have something to learn from our oceans' unique ecologies and swarm intelligences.


Angela YT Chan is an independent curator and artist. As a ‘creative climate change communicator’, she focuses on anti-colonial climate justice, knowledge systems, geography, and contemporary speculative fiction. She collaborates widely with artists, activists, speculative fiction authors and youth groups. Through her research-based art practice, she works with video, communal conversations and speculative fiction writing to map and reconfigure climate communication and knowledges that centre minoritised perspectives.


Callum Coomber is a performer, composer and guitarist with interests in ecology, microtonality, and multidisciplinary art. Most recently, he has released two albums as part of the duo Besingende Gedálland - a venture spurred on by desires to connect with other people and with the more-than-human world.



Alice dos Reis is an artist living and working between Amsterdam and Lisbon. She holds a Masters in Fine Art from the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam and has exhibited regularly in galleries, institutions and film festivals internationally. Broadly, their work looks at encounters between human and more-than-human agents in bio-political systems.



FUJI|||||||||||TA is a Sound Artist living in Japan. He creates his unique sound art and music which takes various natural phenomena that respond to his interest in wanting to hear unheard sounds and noises.


Darren Gallacher is a percussionist and performer currently based in Manchester, England. He is a versatile musician, and has enjoyed a varied career within the industry, collaborating and performing in a host of different settings around the world, particularly within the new music and experimental scene. His most notable accolades include the RNCM Gold Medal and the Harriet Cohen Memorial Music award. Darren has a particular interest in interdisciplinary performance and the use of movement and gesture within musical performance and composition.


Born in New Zealand in 1939 and living in the US since 1973,  Annea Lockwood is known for her explorations of the rich world of natural acoustic sounds and environments, in works ranging from sound art and installations, through text-sound and performance art to concert music



MICHAELBRAILEY is an electronic musician, composer and curator based between Manchester (UK) and Hamburg (DE). His current work - often foregrounding text, screens and voices - filters contemporary anxiety through themes including genealogy, lossy data transfer, body tension, ecology, ekphrasis and Love.


Odete works between the field of writing, music, performance and visual arts - her work is explicitly autobiographic, making clear the border between the personal and politics. She describes her music as a sensorial theory for a weary girlhood - a ghost warrior that becomes visible through mixing. Through transitioning.


Struggles for Sovereignty: Land, Water, Farming, Food (SFS) is a collective platform focusing on the intersections of social & ecological justice, organised by Bodies of Power / Power for Bodies and Bakudapan Food Study Group, based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Through their programs, they aim to build lasting solidarity between groups in Indonesia and around the world who are engaged with struggles for the right to self-determination over the basic resources that our individual and collective bodies need.

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