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Óscar Escudero & Belenish Moreno-Gil (2019), 8'

performed by Darren Gallacher.

"[HOC] is a portrait of frustration. Its materialisation finds meaning in one action, which is always omitted. Therefore, its origin, is (re)constructed as a memory, longing or, in any case, as an implicit stratum of the rest of the events happening concentrically. Even the title itself (hoc, a demonstrative pronoun in Latin) refers to what, in its absence, becomes something stubbornly known and reknown (“this”), which subordinates everything.

"The multiple voices interacting in the narrative of [HOC] build a sort of unfaced reference to that single fact, trying to locate its spatiotemporal coordinates. Consequently, this search transcends the aim for the execution itself; through that obsessive “non-mention”, the action literally takes place as an absence, gradually unveiling itself due to its causes and consequences. Together with [OST] and [POV] , this piece completes [Flat Time Trilogy], which constitutes an approximation to the boundaries of the human body, but also as an eternal virtual representation: as a metaphor.

"The video projection of this piece is personalized by the performer via the recording of several fragments, which are treated and indexed into the final project. They fix the identity and the here-and-now of every performance. Together with the score, some instructions and video examples are provided to be followed during the recording process, which is assisted by BELOS Editions." (Óscar Escudero & Belenish Moreno-Gil)

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