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Ally Theatre: Excerpt from SYZYGY I [new work - a VIRTUALLYREALITY commission]
B Covington Sam-Sumana (N-Prolenta) (2021), 23'

B Covington Sam-Sumana presents an excerpt of the notes from their forthcoming studio album for the N-Prolenta project entitled SYZYGY I. The SYZYGY I studio album consists of sound artifacts from a study exploring abstraction’s biotic cost, or, the cost of platonic formalism‘s legacy through antifuturist-antimodernist-anticlassical portraitures of chimeric aryanisms, imperialist aryanisms, and resulting syzygies of identity. This study was carried on due to the gracious support of La Becque's 2020 Principal Artist Residency.

The notes excerpted make examination of the media programming of Haim Saban across Christian secular mass media frameworks as expressed through Saban's seminally successful Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series. Covington, here, unveils invented term "aryanist tetralemma" to express how a figure such as Haim Saban, might have managed to successfully carry out the epistemological calibration of the people set to actively helm and further develop the broader American project between the 2020s and the 2050s. Notably, Saban Capital Group has been a principal funding entity for every major Democratic Party presidential candidate campaign over the past decade, including that of Former American President Barack Obama, current American President Joseph R. Biden, and American Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton.

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