Live discussion
Angela Chan in conversation with Struggles for Sovreignty: Land, Water, Farming, Food (SFS)

20th July, 20:00 BST

Sparking discussion on intersectional, intercontinental ecological activism through collective engagements, Angela Chan (curator, researcher, artist working on climate change issues) and ‘Struggles for Sovereignty: Land, Water, Farming, Food (SFS)' (a Yogyakarta-based a collective platform focusing on the intersections of social and ecological justice) will share their intentions and projects towards international solidarities with each other.


Struggles for Sovereignty

Institut Mosintuwu, Poso, Sulawesi

PEREMPUAN AMAN (Association of Indigenous Women of The Archipelago)

Riar Rizaldi, Kasiterit

Angela YT Chan

Worm: art+ecology