Personal Data [new video version]
Maximilian Marcoll (2013), 2'

Performed remotely by Irini Aravidou, Jana De Troyer, Athanasia Kontou, Tobi Pfeil and 3 other performers who will remain nameless for data protection reasons.

"In the Summer of 2013, the case Snowden/NSA revealed that a rather old dystopian nightmare had already come true. A large number of publications have since given us shocking information on how powerful the secret monitoring programs really are. The individual citizen seems to be quite powerless against those attacks on our freedom. It is my belief that art has a responsibility to react.

"'PERSONAL DATA' is a two minute piece in which the performers, following a simple structure, proclaim their personal data. Adresses, login data to email and other accounts, bank details etc are given away. Although, the simultaneity of the disclosures renders the individual data sets incomprehensible." (Maximilian Marcoll)