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Subcorrente ('Undercurrent')
Alice dos Reis (2019), 15'

A marine biologist is leading a project for the mapping of one of the deepest areas of the North Atlantic Ocean. Her project depends on the controversial use of a developing biotechnology that works directly with a species of krill that inhabits at low depths.

Throughout months of observation and communication, the marine biologist develops a relationship of friendship and kin with the krill swarm, while observing their movements through the nano-cameras incorporated in their bodies - slowly moving through the deeper zones of the Ocean.

As the end of her project approaches, the biologist is faced with questions regarding her relationship to the non-human and the systems that mediate their contact.

A Film by
Alice dos Reis

Ana Valentim

Alexandra D. Silva
João Abreu

Assitant Director
Ricardo Branco

Director of Photography
Manuel Pinho Braga

Assistant Camera
Tomás Abreu

Sound Editing and Mixing
Rafael Gonçalves Cardoso

Makeup and Hair
João Abreu

Original Sound Track

Produced by
Ricardo Branco
Alice dos Reis
Serralves Museum for Contemporary Art

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