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15th March 2017, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, 19:30-23:00

photography by Caroline Bourdignon


Emulation Chain (2017, world premiere)

Seth Scott x Guillaume Dujat

live set




John Cage

Branches (1976)

Kinder Meccano

live set



Arma Agharta

live set


Callum Coomber (electric guitar, MICHAELBRAILEY; plant materials, video, John Cage)

Dave Bainbridge (banjo, MICHAELBRAILEY)

Seth Scott

Guillaume Dujat

Michael Brailey (plant materials, video, John Cage)

Nate Chivers (plant materials, video, John Cage)

Phillippos Rousiamanis (plant materials, video, John Cage)

Michael Cutting (Kinder Meccano)

Vitalija Glovackytė (Kinder Meccano)

Arma Agharta

Our first event focuses around music of a 'close-up' nature, from the hidden and hyper-amplified micro-sounds of John Cage's 'Branches' to the abrasive and physical work of composers/producers Seth Scott and Guillaume Dujat.


Also featured are Kinder Meccano, the project of composers Vitalija Glovackytė and Michael Cutting, who coax sounds from tape recorders, motors, old instruments and vintage electronic hardware forgotten by time. 


A new work by Manchester-based composer and producer MICHAELBRAILEY for electric guitar and banjo receives its world premiere, where the live video projection of small performative gestures informs the music to be made.

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