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28th April 2017, Texture, 19:30-20:30

photography by Callum Sherriff

James Saunders

instruments with recordings (2012)

Kid Smpl

Promise Emulation A/V (2017, world premiere - a VIRTUALLYREALITY commission)


John Cage

Radio Music  (1956)

Aaron Parker

51°12’N/0°55’W–280615  (2015)


Intimacy Negator (Feel Me) (A/V version) (2017, world premiere)


Dave Bainbridge (electric guitar, James Saunders; electric guitar, Aaron Parker)

Izzy Williams (tenor saxophone, James Saunders; radio, John Cage)

Kathy Hart (clarinet, James Saunders)

Nate Chivers (electric guitar, James Saunders; radio, John Cage)

Sean Clarke (live visuals, James Saunders)

Callum Coomber (radio, John Cage)

George Burrage (radio, John Cage)

Aaron Parker

SGNL (live visuals, Aaron Parker)


Idiotbox (visuals, MICHAELBRAILEY)

Music concerning itself with location and de-location is the focus for our second event at Manchester's primary hub for projection mapping, Texture.

VIRTUALLYREALITY teams up with electronic music producer Kid Smpl's net-label and music series DISPLAY (sub-label of the Kastle-helmed Symbols) to bring two new tracks to live fruition. Kid Smpl's 'Promise Emulation' is presented alongside a specially-commissioned live visual from the artist himself, where computer-generated environments constructed in video-game engine Unity pulse & flash in accordance with the original track's inbuilt dynamics and frequencies.


Additionally, MICHAELBRAILEY's 'Intimacy Negator (Feel Me)' is re-interpreted live by the artist, alongside google-earth-gleaned visuals made in collaboration with Idiotbox.

Also featured is Aaron Parker's '51°12’N/0°55’W–280615', John Cage's seminal 'Radio Music' and a new version of James Saunders' 'instruments with recordings', all performed by students of the Royal Northern College of Music. Performances are accompanied by live visual work by Manchester-based artists SGNL and Sean Clarke

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