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13th November 2017, RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music (Concert Hall), 19:30-20:15

Jagoda Szmytka

sky-me, type-me (2011)


. locator)  ` ª  - ddel,. .  0º¢', 4|î(&3d : .jpg "'` > -___  env<3 He‡A\R §[**`* no  on-e    6 .] . (2017, world premiere)



Disruptive Muzak - live version (2017, world premiere)


SHOAL (megaphones, Jagoda Szmytka; smartphones, MICHAELBRAILEY)

Callum Coomber

Isobel Mortimer

Lucy Nolan

Rosalind Ridout

Anna Murphy (flute, Sam Kidel)

Isabella Baker (violin, Sam Kidel)

Kathy Hart (clarinet, Sam Kidel)

Malcolm Goodare (cello, Sam Kidel)

Natalia Senior-Brown (viola, Sam Kidel)

Will McGahon (violin, Sam Kidel)

For the Royal Northern College of Music's 'New Music North West' festival, VIRTUALLYREALITY returns with an event focused on technologically-mediated text and conversation in digital spaces.

Featured is Poland-based composer Jagoda Szmytka’s 'sky-me, type-me', where conversation is dislocated beyond recognition and eerily filtered through four megaphones.


VIRTUALLYREALITY also will be premiering two new works; MICHAELBRAILEY’s poetically titled '. locator) ` ª - ddel,. . 0º¢',4|î(& 3d : .jpg "'` > -___ env♥ He‡A\R §[**`* no on-e 6 .] .' for four performers with smartphones ruminates on the superseding of geographical distance allowed by online mapping software like Google StreetView.


Additionally, VIRTUALLYREALITY present a bespoke live rendition of Sam Kidel’s 'Disruptive Muzak', a thoroughly original and unexpectedly moving response to call-centre music, originally released on the acclaimed Manchester-based record label The Death Of Rave.

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