VIRTUALLYREALITY presents: Bastard Assignments, SHOAL

12th April 2019, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, 19:30-21:30

photography by Annie Feng

Dan Tramte

Degradative Interference PLUS (2017, UK premiere)

Cassandra Miller

Rounding (2018)

Michael Baldwin

another kind of nostalgia (2019, world premiere)


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Caitlin Rowley

Dot Drip Line Line 8918: EDGE (2019)

Edward Henderson

Flower (2019)

Timothy Cape

Service (2019)

Josh Spear

FEED (2019)



Callum Coomber (Dan Tramte, Cassandra Miller, Michael Baldwin, MICHAELBRAILEY)

Katherine Blumer (Cassandra Miller, MICHAELBRAILEY)

Lucy Nolan (Cassandra Miller, MICHAELBRAILEY)

Rosalind Ridout (Dan Tramte, Cassandra Miller, Michael Baldwin, MICHAELBRAILEY)

Bastard Assignments

Caitlin Rowley (Caitlin Rowley, Edward Henderson, Josh Spear)

Edward Henderson (Edward Henderson, Josh Spear)

Timothy Cape (Edward Henderson, Timothy Cape, Josh Spear)

Josh Spear (Edward Henderson, Josh Spear)

Coffee shop talk with Bastard Assignments

13th April, All Saints Park (Oxford Rd. entrance), 11:30

VIRTUALLYREALITY present two foursomes who play music, but also move, dance, sing, lip-sync and act. These are collectives whose practices extend far beyond the established realms of musical performance into physicality, performance art, multimedia and new means of listening.

SHOAL's opening set is loosely themed around lossy data transfer and the fallibility of the human body. Works by Dan Tramte, Michael Baldwin, MICHAELBRAILEY and Cassandra Miller view technology and bodies as barriers or filtration devices, music and text squeezing through them to be dismembered or reformed in transferral.

Bastard Assignments will perform new works by each of the performing members, Edward Henderson, Caitlin Rowley, Josh Spear and Timothy Cape. Expect the unexpected - devastatingly explosive vocal performances, instrumental music that lasts a lifetime, and werewolves.

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