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13th May 2019, Soup Kitchen, 19:30-22:00

photography by Annie Feng

Jennifer Walshe

SELF-CARE (2017)


Last Yearz Interesting Negro & Rowdy SS

Fury1 (2018-)




Iceboy Violet

live set


Andreas Borregaard (Jennifer Walshe)

Last Yearz Interesting Negro

Rowdy SS

Iceboy Violet

Presentation on SELF-CARE by Andreas Borregaard


13th May, RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music (Lecture Theatre), 14:00

Coffee shop talk with Iceboy Violet


14th May, All Saints Park (Oxford Rd. entrance), 11:30

How can we make time to care for ourselves in this increasingly noisy, divided, and incessantly apocalyptic present day?

We begin with care at its most superficial. Jennifer Walshe's 'SELF-CARE' is a rip-roaring capitalist's wet-dream, a messy coagulation of yoga, self-help tapes and sequestered nature that revels in the fakery of packaged happiness. It shall be performed by premier Danish accordionist Andreas Borregaard.

What follows it a total flipside. Artist/dancer Last Yearz Interesting Negro and sound/movement artist Rowdy SS present 'Fury1' - simultaneous, responsive practices of live sonic manipulation and dance which ask the audience to be present in the moment, questioning spectacle, intimacy and boundaries in performance.

To close, Iceboy Violet presents a live set of music harnessing the aggression of grime and noise music, redistributed for vital queer catharsis.

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