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8th June 2019, Hallé St. Michael's, 19:30-22:00

photography by Joe Roper

Catherine Lamb

Point/Wave (2015)



Murat Çolak

SWAN (2018, European premiere)



bod [包家巷] 

live set (UK debut)


Callum Coomber (acoustic guitar, Catherine Lamb)

Jack March (live sound, Catherine Lamb)

Anna Murphy (flutes, percussion, Murat Çolak)

Charlie Saunders (percussion, Murat Çolak)

Jess Holmes (oboe, Murat Çolak)

Kotryna Šiugždinytė (cello, Murat Çolak)

Rocío Bolaños (clarinets, Murat Çolak)

Silvia Lucas (piano, synthesiser, percussion, Murat Çolak)

Stephen Bradshaw (conductor, Murat Çolak)

Will McGahon (violin, Murat Çolak)

bod [包家巷]

VIRTUALLYREALITY presents the European premiere of 'SWAN' by Murat Çolak, a 21st Century masterpiece melding instrumental composition with the euphoria of trance music and Turkish spirituality. Inspired by going out in its purest form - to the club, to a funeral, to the outside world - SWAN symbolises much of what VIRTUALLYREALITY stands for; the hybridisation of genre and discipline to signpost new creative avenues.

Accompanying this is a programme antagonising how we interact with other types of spaces. Catherine Lamb's 'Point/Wave' sees the most intimate of tunings from a lone guitarist (VIRTUALLYREALITY's co-director Callum Coomber) dance mid-ear canal with the natural resonant frequencies of the room.

To close, bod [包家巷] makes their UK debut performing a live electronic set of back-breaking emotional weight, flattening online and offline sound worlds into a single indecipherable plane. 

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